19 - 27 September 2022, Online Course

Joint Project
"New Clinical Stars"
Course for clinical trials professionals (basic level)

The peculiarity of the course
  • Experts
    Instructors have a breadth of experience in the field of clinical trials: be it the operations or the quality assurance. Some of them work for international giants such as British consulting firms, Global pharmaceutical companies Astellas Pharma, Roche, and Astra Zeneca as well
    as independent auditors.
  • Experience
    The QARP has conducted many instances of different trainings all around the world.
  • Goal
    The goal of The QARP is to create a platform which can train an individual without
    any relevant experience into a adequate professional, all done online and in engaging manner.
  • Interactive Technologies and Gamification
    The course is constructed with several webinars, with interactive and practical assignments filling
    in the gaps. The approach of The QARP is to deliver engaging and thought-provoking content while also offering stellar education on the matter.
  • Educational Plaltform
    Each of THEQARP's students gets access to our platform, allowing students
    to slightly deviate from the in-class path and better create a plan to tailor to their needs.
  • Certificate
    After the adequate completion of the course, individuals will receive a Trancelerate certificate, which holds real-world application in terms of finding employment.

Who is this course for?

Course was constructed to be a guidebook for the newer members of this industry, as well as acting as refresher for the seasoned individuals.

  • Dr. Hanna PreuS, MRQA
    Director, Clinical Quality Assurance (Global Process and Continuous Improvement Lead), Astellas Pharma
    • Global Quality & Compliance Expert, Auditor and Business Strategist
    • Quality Culture & Quality Management System
    • Operational Excellence, Process Compliance and Agile Project Management
    • Clinical Operations and Quality Strategy
    • Business Integration and Process Improvement
    • Broad experience in regulatory and GxP standards
  • Maxim Bunimovich
    Independent international GCP auditor
    Maxim Bunimovich is an International GCP auditor, QA consultant, trainer with a considerable experience in audits and inspections of study sites in various countries worldwide
    (EU, CIS, Africa), as well as practical experience in development of quality management systems for CRO and sites (over 10 years of experience).
  • Sabrina Dey
    Is an experienced Quality Assurance professional covering both GCP and CSV
    Sabrina Dey is an experienced Quality Assurance professional, being highly proficient both in GCP and CSV. She has significant experience in the management of numerous QA activities including but not limited to: the conduct of GxP audits, training, and SOPs oversight and management.
  • Alena Kulikova
    Expert, independent auditor and trainer in Good Clinical Practice, The QARP
    Alena Kulikova is a clinical trial expert who has a vast knowledge and practical experience in organisation, coordination, monitoring, quality verification, and audit of clinical trials, as well as training of all involved parties.
    She has significant experience in organisation and performance of trainings at the international level for hundreds of CT specialists throughout Europe and the Middle East.
  • Alexandra Sazonova
    Talent Acquisition specialist, 10+ years of experience working in major Global CRO (IQVIA), 2000+ filled roles across Europe region from entry level to senior leadership roles
Course program
Joint Project
"New Clinical Stars"
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